DR1000 Pro Hiwin Bearings

The DigiRout 1000 Pro uses linear slides (bearings and rails) from Hiwin Technologies Corp., a recognized world leader in linear motion and control. These products provide precision with matchless fit and finish at prices that are hard to beat.

Learn more about Hiwin products by downloading these PDF files: Linear Rail/Bearing Catalog hiwinguideway.pdf (94 pgs., 5.75mb)

There are two type of rails and blocks available: a two row ball bearing circuit and a newer four row ball bearing circuit. The two row ball bearings are considered a "legacy" design and are only available at fixed inventory by a third party supplier. However the blocks and especially the rail are more economically priced. The newer four row bearings are smoother and new blocks can easily be purchased.

                                                                Two Row Hiwin Bearings

                                                 Four Row Hiwin Bearings