Wood Table Plans

The Wood Table Plans shows how to build a table base constructed from ordinary 2x6 lumber, 4x4 posts, and plywood.
Six legs are provided, angle braces, Side Skirting and Front & back Skirting (not shown) build a solid frame and box structure for the Digirout 1000.

The aluminum Y axis long rails
are simply attached to the dual 2x6 beams with either deck screws or #10screws.
Composite decking posts are ideal for the legs because of their extra weight. 

The feet can be tied to the floor with deck post anchors and bevelled shims provide for levelling the table. The table deck (4'x8' MDF, marine plywood, or particle board) can be economically sealed with acrylic polyurethane . There are countersunk holes on the side of the legs for attaching the skirting with deck screws.

The wooden table base is an economical alternative to a steel table base. For less the $70 a solid  table can be constructed.   Back