Janus Dual Axis DSCStepDrive

The DigiRout 200 has high torque NEMA 23 Square Frame Digital Motors available for all axes . The picture above shows the construction of the motor. 
The robust square frame profile allows a larger diameter rotor which along with the rare earth magnets & high pole count gives 10 in-lb of torque   True brushless wound outside stator means there are no brushes that can wear out. These high torque digital motors combine affordability and performance for the prime movers of the DigiRout.

The Janus
Dual Axis DSCStep™ drive is a new design taking advantage of the latest DSC (Digital Signal Controller) technology to digitally filter the step & direction motion signals for extra smoothness, precisely control the motor current with advanced digital Sine/Cosine Wave PI (Proportional & Integral) control algorithms, provide stall detection with automatic shutdown, and with a proven compact power output stage rated for 36 VDC provide superior motion control for the DR200. Made in the USA.

                              PI Control

The diagram above shows a block diagram of the controller. The step signal provides a position interrupt to the DSController.  The firmware program of the DSC digitally filters the accumulated position reference and calculates the sin/cosine references.
The PI (Proportional & Integral)controllers read the A/D (Analog to Digital) data provided by the coil current sense circuits at a rate of 25 Khz (25,000 times per second). A calculated PWM (Pulse Width Modulated) signal is then output to each coil's Mosfet Power stage providing an averaged voltage output. The reference filtering and feedback current control provides smooth motion to the motors.

sophisticated  than microstepping, DSCStep (Digital Signal Controller Stepping) provides superior motion movement to the DR200. An bonus feature of the method is that future enhancements to the control algorithm are field upgradeable. The present version of the firmware provides for stall detection and automatic shutdown (useful for the dual motor drive of the DR200 Y axis to prevent racking and binding if one motor stalls out). Future enhancements will provide anti-stall current contro techniques.

The advanced DSCStep™ filtering smooths the choppy step & direction signals controlling the motor current to a true Sine wave for smooth motion.

AC Sin wave

DSCStep Filtering
With this method the motor operates as a high pole count AC Brushless motor. The above diagram shows actual data transmitted by a running drive via a serial port to a PC.

Here is a video showing the smoothness and speed of the Janus DSCStep Dual Axis Drives:
Janus Dual Axis Drives

Specs for the X  Y Z axes motor: